Pirandello Cinque s.r.l. is able to dye all types of fiber and yarn, pure or mixed, placed on cones. It has last generation dyeing machines with "air cushion" : thanks to this technology, our customers can choose the exact amount to be dyed, without being obliged to dye predefined quantities and therefore not to accumulate yarns destinated to turn into waste of material. This opportunity allows our customers to reduce waste to a minimum and receive a fully customized service.

The laboratory is equipped with latest generation systems, fully automated and computerized, able to reproduce the colors required and ensure a reliable reproducibility and quality over time.
Centrifuge machines and drying machines are automated and real-time controlled. They allow to carry out the drying of the dyed yarn quickly and accurately, without waste of energy.
The quality control is twofold: during the post-dyeing phase, and in the pre-packaging phase, in order to guarantee to our customers a quality product of the highest level. The control is performed by qualified technician and experienced in the textile world.
The packing facilities are composed by robotized machines and allow to make quickly and reliable packagings. It is available to customize the package, at any level, simply by contacting us with your request.

Pirandello Cinque s.r.l. works toghether with certified and qualified partners to do additional services of winding, laboratory analysis, technical advice: all this services in order to consolidate the process of continuous improvement and try to give a customized service to customers.
Thanks to relationships with leading yarn manufacturers in the international market, Pirandello Cinque s.r.l. realizes yarns under customer's requests and projects.
The sales department is highly qualified, highly experienced in laboratory and dyeing, able to understand the technical aspects of dyeing and the subsequent processing of the wire: warping and weaving. We want to follow our customers in all phases of the yarn dyeing and share innovative solutions.

Pirandello Cinque s.r.l. provides its customers a real-time monitoring service, which allows to remotely control all phases of the dyeing process.
To every customer are assigned a username and password, thanks to which customers can access to its personal page and view the work in progress, statistics and many other functions.